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    Kurdish Red Moon’s project for children has been in place since 1993. It aims to help orphans and children in poverty whose families are experiencing various forms of social difficulties. The project began as an investigation by one our volunteers, who discovered that in Kurdistan thousands of orphans and other vulnerable children live their lives under risk and fear. To address this problem, various solutions have been processed. The project includes teaching children and adults the purpose of compassion and tenderness; to understand education as a tool to improve the conditions of these children. We believe that children are born good. What creates negativity is poverty, war, and irresponsible governance. Humans have a basic need for food and clothing. When these needs are met, we feel safer, lead a healthier lifestyle, and respect each person as an individual. When these basic needs are not met, what often happens is children turn away and develop violent behavior, aggression, stress and depression. Since its launch, the project has helped 300 children in North Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey), 150 children in Southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and 85 children in Western Kurdistan (northwest Syria).

    The first sentence of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) constitution reads: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The health care project is tasked with helping to improve the health of individuals and society at large. Its purpose is to treat the sick, assist the disabled, and teach people how to live independently. Kurdish Red Moon believes health care is a birth right and should be provided to the whole of society without discrimination. In addition, non-compliance with this understanding is considered as a human rights violation. In many places the state is responsible for providing health care and creating the conditions to enable people to live well. In areas largely populated by Kurds, states provide fewer resources for health care, thereby discriminating against the Kurds – a clear human rights violation. Further, the environmental and ecological destruction that is taking place in many Kurdish areas (such as forestry being burnt, dams built, toxic material dumped randomly, and in the past villages burnt) has caused serious changes to the vegetation, ecosystem and climate. This, in turn, has had a huge negative impact on population health. Basic project tasks Preservation of people’s livelihood, take measures against health threats, provide assistance during natural disasters, fires, accidents and provide medical aid in nearest health centres. To take precautions at meetings, events, sports activities to ensure no health problems occur and provide first aid if necessary. In this regard, we cooperate with other organisations. Services provided; South Kurdistan:

    • An ambulance and 50 tons of medical, clothing and shelter equipment were sent to refugee camps. Each year health check-ups by a medical team takes place in Halabja, Kalar, Balisan, Koya, Erbil (Hawler) as well as in Maxmur refugee camp. Around 1500 patients are examined and treated. In addition, people are also helped financially.

    Northern Kurdistan:

    • Kurdish youth injured by Turkish security forces in the cities Colemêrg, Gever and Mersin, had their hospital expenses covered.
    • Families of four poor cancer patients are assisted on a regular basis.
    • Health needs of many war and conflict victims were met.

    Western Kurdistan:

    • Drug expenses of four cancer patients were met.
    • More health supplies and medicines sent.

    *You can read our charity activities which are carried out in previous years on our following brochure. http://www.heyvasor.com/en/brosur/


    A vital part of Kurdish Red Moon’s work is to provide immediate assistance in war zones and during natural disasters. To date, following relief efforts have been undertaken: [

    • Helping people displaced due to earthquakes in Elaziz-Dep, Cewlik-Kanires, Mus-Gimgim and during the 2006 floods in Amed, Elih, Sirnex and Merdin.
    • In Eastern Kurdistan (western Iran), assistance was provided to families of peace and human rights activists.
    • A helping hand was extended to villagers in Qandil, Southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) that were bombed by Turkish air forces.
    • Families in the village Piyanis (Turkey), bombed by Turkish forces on 16 September 2010, were assisted.
    • Through the Red Cross and UNICEF, aid was given to victims of natural disasters around the world ( the 2004 tsunami, the earthquake in Haiti).
    • The families of Roboski (Sirnak), massacred at the end of 2011 by Turkish warplanes, were supported.
    • Ramadan and the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) donations were forwarded to needy people in Kurdistan.
    • In the cities Colemerg, Amed and Wan, 80 tons of food packages were distributed to needy people.
    • Hundreds tons of donated clothing was sent to various places in Kurdistan.
    • After the earthquake of 23 October 2011 in the city of Wan, Kurdish aid organisations in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Austria and Denmark jointly launched an aid campaign. Together, 1.3 million euros and 150 tons of clothes and blankets were collected.
    • The aid was used mainly for health, food and accommodation purposes. Financial aid was also made. Unfourentaly, only 6 lorries (3 from Germany, 3 from Switzerland) full of clothing and blankets could be sent. The remaining could not be sent because the Turkish government, issuing a decree, prevented it. The rest of these clothes were sold and instead financial aid was made to the earthquake victims. In addition, 190 tents and more electrical heaters were sent from Switzerland. From Germany, of 269 winter tents were sent to Wan. Also 10 field experts were deployed.
    • The Peace Mothers group in Turkey, who are under constant pressure from authorities, are assisted on a regular basis.

    *You can read our charity activities which are carried out in previous years on our following brochure. http://www.heyvasor.com/en/brosur/


    We live in a world where goodness and suffering exist together. Both the benign and the evil are human. People are not perfect, mistakes are made. People are not totally good or totally bad. It is not correct designate incarcerated individuals as evil nor refer to free individuals as perfect. Therefore, all prisoners, regardless of where they live or why they are in prison, regularly receives support from us.

    Kurdish Red Moon in Germany is working on many projects in cooperation with Le Croissant Rouge Kurd in France, Koerdische Rode Halve Maan in Netherlands, Kurdish Red Moon in Switzerland, Kurdiska Röde Halvmånen in Sweden, Roja Sor a Kurdistane in Austria, Koerdische Rode Halve Maan in Belgium, Kurdish Red Moon in the UK, Stöttenforeningen Mesopotamians Sol in Denmark, Kurdiske Røde Halvmåne Norge in Norway, Mezzaluna Rossa Kurdistan Italia Onlus in Italy und Heyva Sor a Kurd in Rojava.

Conclusive remarks:

There is only one true competition in life, and that is the competition for humanity. Racing in this competition, we say that the world is our country, humans are our kin, goodness and aid is our faith. Come, let us race together! Remember that a small donation can save a life.


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